Check out the how we made it here http://www.thelineanimation.com/freeviewsetyourselffree

Directed by Sam Brown, Bjorn-Erik Aschim and Sam Taylor.

The Line’s biggest ever commercial, Freeview’s biggest ever campaign, our first foray into 3D, a year in the making.

We’ are so happy to finally be able to show it to you. Thank you to the enormous and very talented team at Electric Theatre Collective (and beyond), that made this happen watch the full film on our website. #freeviewandchill

Reblogging that awesome work from the guys over at The Line :)
I had the chance to work on it in the design team (mostly for characters, a tiny bit on sets) and It was one of the best job there is. I did over 450 drawing for them and every single one had been a lot of fun ! I’ll try to post some over this week if you guys are interested~