Thumbnailing is one of my favorite thing ~

I think i’ve never put up theses on tumblr before but for some of you guys doing concept, i think it’d be good to see that most of the time you always start with a  rough dirty pass before getting into the heart of your subject :) At least , i like it, it helps me to see where i’m headed. 


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So here’s bits of my process/test and the final pieces i’ve done for The Little Prince exhibition at Gallery Nucleus , on March  26th.  Opening is at 6pm!

It’s the first time i did full illustrations on paper, i’m not sure what to think of it. Oh and also, i guess it’s a rather personal adaptation of some of precise parts of the book, one about the separation with the fox, the other about the garden of roses. Anyway if you’re in LA you can check it out :)



So, i embarrassed myself recently and answered an interview in the most casual and honest tone i could :x Feel free to disagree wih me !

Note for Calarts peeps who might be interested in that, i’ve shared a small story about my time with Leo Hobbaica, since i was asked for some anecdotes :) ( guess that’s the one anecdote i always tell my friends about him , i apologize for my my closed ones who have to hear it all over again ;) )