Just so you know guys, i haven’t advertised it yet but, i’m attending CTN this year! We’re sharing a table with my friend Eusong, we’ll be at table T059!

I haven’t sell illustration in a looong time and actually it’ll be the first time i do it in US. I’ll be selling some prints, postcards and maaaaybe a sketchbook (if things go ok…) and i’ll also display my real sketchbooks for whoever is interested. Most prints are old work i reworked for the occasion to adapt it to the paper format, not much new things (because i’m very very busy with my dayjob mostly!) but i put lots of care into making nice prints formats so that’s that. Here are some examples of the prints annnd….yeah, anyone who wants to drop by and say hello will be welcomed! ( some of you are coming, right…? let me know!)