The longest road

The Longest Road is my graduation film. It's been done inbetween Gobelins (Paris) and Calarts (California) in 2013. The movie was directed and created on my own.

White River

White River is a music video , made for the british band Scarlett Parade
This is a collaborative work made alongside Anthony Lejeune & Lea Justum. We put in pictures the band's story and did everything from boarding, artistic direction, animation, backgrounds and compositing.

The Night We Were Kings

The Night We Were Kings is a short film i co-directed with Chloé Nicolay during summer 2011.

I had mostly an artistic director role on this one, colorscripting, colorkeying, doing some layout and painting backgrounds alongside Anthony Lejeune, while Chloé Nicolay was in charge of character-related buisness. 
I was teamed up with two brilliant animators, Lea Justum and Gaspard Sumeire. Production lasted 2 months.